Gamertag Generator

    • A Gamertag generator is a program that generates a unique Gamertag by combining various words together in an order that is clever, funny and / or cool. Instead of the user struggling to think of a Gamertag, we have created our gamertag generator so that you may use it to generate your very own unique Gamertag. If you don’t like the output from the Gamertag generator, then simply click the “generate gamer tag” button again until you get the Gamertag that you desire. Make sure to lookup the Gamertag via our Gamertag lookup tool to verify that it is not already taken.

    • To check is a Gamertag is available, you can use our free Gamertag lookup tool located above. All you have to do is type in any Gamertag into the search box and click the “Gamertag lookup” button. If the Gamertag is already taken then you will be able to view stats on the Gamertag such as gamer score, reputation and XUID. You can also see their Gamer picture and their sponsored status. If they are sponsored by Xbox. If the Gamer tag is available then you will land on a page that says this Gamertag does not exist and you should immediately head over to the official Xbox website and sign up for an account with that Gamertag.

    • A Gamertag is an online name that one uses to represent themselves. A Gamertag is often created as part of a signup process for many subscription services such as Xbox live and play station network. Gamertags can be anything you want the to be but some services put restrictions such as no characters that are not alpha numeric, no bad words, no symbols etc.

    • To change your PSN name you must first sign in and navigate to the account management section on your PlayStation device. From there you can select your PSN profile form the side bar and click the edit button. From here you can simply follow the on screen prompt and enter a new PSN name to use. Warning: this will sign you out of all your devices.

    • A Gamertag is usually created alongside a password when signing up for online services like Xbox Gamertag, Nintendo Switch Online and many others. It is important to pick a strong password and keep it safe from others. The Gamertag will be public facing an is what people can identify you with when interacting on the platform.

    • If you have a Mojang account, which you do if you signed up for an account after 2012, then you can change you Gamertag, all you have to do is visit and then select the “change” button which is in the top right corner of the screen (next to your current Gamertag), follow the prompt and confirm the changes. You can only go through this process once per 30 day period, so make sure you choose your Gamertag wisely.

    • Choosing a Gamertag can be a daunting process because in many cases, it is hard to change and changing may not be free, as is the case with Xbox live Gamertags. Fortunately if you are struggling to come up with a cool and funny Gamertag, then you can use our custom Gamertag generator located at the top of the page. You just have to click the “generate Gamertag” button and wait for the screen to show you a randomly generated Gamertag. If you don’t like the Gamertag that was chosen then click the button again and receive a new Gamertag suggestion. This process can be repeated as many times as needed until you find the Gamertag that you like.

    • To choose a cool Gamertag, you simply need to use our “cool” Gamertag generator located at the top of this page. Just press the generate Gamertag button as much as necessary to find the Gamertag that is coolest to you.

    • In most cases it will cost you about $10 USD to change your Gamertag name. This price is imposed by Xbox to discourage people from changing their Gamertags all the time. If people were to constantly generate new Gamertags, everyone on their friends list would become confused as to who is actually who. However, if you have a Gamertag that contains an inappropriate word, you may be able to reach out to Xbox Support and request a new one for free since your current Gamertag may be seen as offensive to some. Also, if you are transitioning from Xbox 360 to Xbox One (which you should have done a long time ago) then you will have the opportunity to change your Gamertag for free.

    • If you already have a gamertag then you can use a browser to locate your Gamertag by visiting the Xbox website and signing in. if you do not know your sign in credentials then you can click on the “forgot Gamertag/ password” button to retrieve your credentials after verifying that you are the rightful owner of the account. Similarly, you can do this on your Xbox one and Xbox 360 consoles. If you do not already have a Gamertag, then you can use our Gamertag name generator to come up with a OG Gamertag, once you have a Gamertag that you are happy with, verify that it is available by using our Gamertag lookup tool and then head back over to the Xbox website to make a new account with your newly generated Gamertag.

    • According to Microsoft, Gamertags can expire after 5 years of inactivity. Signing into your Microsoft account is the most basic level of activity so as long as you at least turn on your Xbox (connected ot the internet) once every five years, your Gamertag will not expire.

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