The Sentinel facility is a microcosm of how the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn actually works

Zelda’s most recent foray into the open-world advent of the series, Breath of the Wild features numerous places, activities and diversions to set you at peace with nature. Its open-world is vast and beautiful, and one of the best parts is that its map is a big part of its beauty. The landscape you come across is so varied that you’ll find yourself wanting to venture into every nook and cranny, not just to see what’s around the next corner, but to see what’s around the next bend. The Sentinel, an elite Swedish police force, is one example of what not to do in a story. They’re not always the most powerful force around, but they’re one of the few and far between. They patrol an incredibly detailed world, and have more control over it than any other faction in the game. Its mission objectives are all about maintaining balance and the stability of its world – not to mention protecting its citizens from the wildlands and other dangers that the game presents you with. Not everyone in the world is friendly, though. The Sentinel’s home is the Sentinel Facility, its domain seemingly invulnerable to attacks thanks to its sturdy defences and its powerful Sentinels. Its Sentinels are the perfect complement to the Hunters, its soldiers who’re trained to fight and survive in harsh climates. It’s a world that’s a delight to explore, one that demonstrates how much more advanced civilization can become when all of its inhabitants are so capable of standing up and standing on their own. The game’s most impressive feature is the Sentinel Research Initiative, which is run by the Frontier Research Initiative. This is a game-changer when you first boot up the game. The Initiative has been set up to investigate the disappearance of a scientist who disappeared from the Sentinel facility. Its operatives seek out every last citizen in a city, wherever they are, and tag them with numbers so you’ll know exactly who’s down with you. The Sentinel facilities are a masterpiece of design. They’re so tightly designed, and populated so carefully with interesting stories, missions and interesting missions that you’ll want to leave before it’s too late. The people you meet in the facility are well-written and interesting, and some are downright frightening. You’ll want to ease into the world and get a sense of what’s really going on. The Sentinel facility is a microcosm of how the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn actually works. There’s so much to it, and you’ll need to adapt to its unique style of life, but it doesn’t feel like you’ll feel lost. If anything, it will drive you to explore and get to know the people of Horizon, and to see what’s around the world. “It’s a space station!” was the first thing I thought when I landed on the ground in the middle of the wilderness at the start of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s South-East Asia section. It’s a gorgeous little piece of sci-fi future developed by a small team just for the hell of it, and loaded with rich lore and ideas. It’s also a place that’s full of opportunities to explore and wild ideas. I was so taken aback by the lack of any guidance around how to get to it that I didn’t even bother trying to. Looking for more great games to play on your way?