One of the most memorable moments is when Master Chief and Cortana travel to the Prometheans’ home planet, The Prometheans, to escape the planet’s atmosphere

Master Chief makes a credible reappearance in Halo 3 at the beginning of the 3rd chapter of the long-running series. “Halo 3: ODST – Let’s Go,” 343i tells the story, “is the next chapter of Master Chief’s saga after the conclusion of Halo 3, and it will conclude with Halo 3: ODST – Let’s Go.” And it is epic. The original Halo has always been a much more intimate affair. Master Chief is a more stoic character, unable to show any emotion as he fights off the Covenant, and his stoic nature is a fitting departure for the character. But as we move on from that initial scene in the second game, we discover that Master Chief is a lot more badass than he’s given credit for. He realizes that he’s wrong to his friends, and as he fights off the Prometheans, he rips through their metal armor, grabs their shield, and turns his back on them. Master Chief isn’t just a hero, he’s a hero with a killer beard. Halo 2 is full of moments like that. In one, Master Chief takes out the Covenant at the end of the game, and they follow him in his ship as he takes out a nearby Titan. In another, he saves the life of a downed soldier by distracting the AI aboard the ship so that it can hit a nearby planet without the Spartans noticing. In yet another, Master Chief takes out the Prometheans and executes them with a high-tech Warthog. In yet another, he pulls out a newly resurrected rocket launcher and takes them out in a particularly brutal and satisfying fashion. It’s not as if Master Chief is a bad guy. He just needs to do a bunch of things to make the universe feel fresh, and he does a damn good job of it. Halo 3 introduces a new character, Alpha Site killer Captain Cole. The game starts off with the UNSC protecting a shield. A month later, they’re fighting off an invasion of the Prometheans, and Cole is a prime target. He kills the lead Promethean, steals the Prometheans’ weapon, and takes out the other Promethean leader, Noble Team. Suddenly, the screen fades to black and Cole is gone. A short time later, he reappears on the scene, ready to wipe the floor with Master Chief. It’s a moment that’s almost too good to pass up. In another example of Master Chief’s personality, he finds time to help a downed UNSC soldier who’s been injured on the second mission of the game. Cole is now a prisoner, so Chief asks her to use the buzz-signal device on him. She uses it, and he is able to track the enemy’s location. When Chief returns, he’s able to hold the device, which is useful for picking the enemy’s location, and he does an excellent job of it. One of the most memorable moments is when Master Chief and Cortana travel to the Prometheans’ home planet, The Prometheans, to escape the planet’s atmosphere. It’s a beautifully drawn comic book/anime crossover. Master Chief and Cortana are able to defeat the Prometheans (real-life versions of the characters, like them) and the Prometheans, who have been transformed into huge statues, turn them into giant statues, and even fire giant lasers out of them. This is one of the most memorable moments in the game. Halo 3 features a lot of easter eggs and references to movies, and one particularly memorable one is when Master Chief is walking through a giant light show. It’s the Forerunners, a race that made its name. It’s also a very specific movie that’s very easy to find out if you’re online, but the game is full of things like that. The Forerunners are another race that is very easy to find out about thanks to the Forerunner tech that makes their ships so self-aware. At one point, Chief is walking through a Forerunner facility on a Forerunner warship. The ship is a large, reddish-covered cube with a Forerunner plaque on the top. The plaque says Forerunner warship, which fits with what’s happening on the ship perfectly – it’s a Forerunner warship.