Xbox Clips – How to post to Instagram and other social networks.

What are Xbox clips?

Your Xbox clips are usually 30 second clips that you can record by either saying “Xbox record that” or by pressing the home button on your Xbox controller and then pressing “X”. 30 seconds is the default length for an Xbox clip but the recording length can be adjusted to up to 10 minutes! To adjust your Xbox Clip recording length navigate to your settings on your Xbox One and select Xbox recording settings and adjust the recording length from there.

Where are my Xbox clips stored?

Once you have your recording settings in place you can now begin to record clips. As was stated earlier all you have to do is hit the middle button and then press “X” or just say “Xbox record that” into the microphone. Your Xbox clips will be stored locally on your Xbox one hard drive and can be optionally set to save into your Onedrive account or to an external hard drive connected to your Xbox one.

How can I access my clips?

To access your clips online simply go to and search for your Gamertag. Once you search for your gamertag you will need to give the website time to load all your game clips. After the “clips” page is loaded you will see a list of all your Xbox One clips in chronological order. From there you can watch your game clips. If you want to share your game clips to social media, simply click the “Get Shareable URL” button on the video that you wish to share. A page with the single Xbox video that you wanted will be displayed along with social share buttons. Just click the social network you want to share to and voila: your Xbox clip will be shared.

How can I share them to Instagram?

You may notice that Instagram is not one of the options for social sharing. This is because Instagram does not allow its users to post videos or images from a computer. So in order to get around this Instagram limitation you will need to head over to your phone and go to the app store. Once there in the search bar type in “downloads” and select one of the downloader apps. Install the app of your choice and from within the app navigate to Once again click the “get shareable URL” button and then download your Xbox clip from the Xbox video page. Navigate to the files section of your downloader app and select the file you just downloaded. Select the option to save video to your camera roll and then you can navigate to the Instagram app and post your Xbox clip just like you would with any other Instagram post.

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