How To Download Xbox Clips

What are xbox clips? the xbox one is constantly recording your game play similar to how a dvr works for your tv. when you record a clip it usually captures the last 30 seconds of gameplay, although these settings can be edited. we will talk more about that later. How to record xbox clips? people have been recording thier gameplay since the the original xbox and possibly even further back than that. with the populatiy of social media shareing sites taking off in recent years, microsoft has blessed us with the oppertunity to easily record our games. It wasnt always to easy. back in the days on the original xbox and the xbox 360 people had ot go online an order expensive capture card and then mindlessly view and edit thier videos to make a game clip. no longer is that the case with the introduction of the xbox dvr, you can record your game clips directly to your xbox one harddrive. all you have to do is press the home button on your xbox controller and followed by the ‘x’ button. boom there you have it you have recorded your clip and it should be ready for you to download. alternativly if you hav a microphone or a kinect setup then you can just say ‘xbox record that’ or ‘cortana record that’ and cortana will handle the rest. For even more customization you can say ‘cortana record the last minute’ or ‘record last 2 minutes’ ectetera. What kind of settings can xbox clips have? you can adust the defualt settings of your xbox clips by navigating to the settings menu and then finding the captures section. once there you will be able to edit things like video xbox clip length, and the quality of the recorded video SD, HD 1080p. extra options are avialable for the xbox one s and xbox one x. Where do your xbox clips go? Ok great so i have recorded an xbox clip. where do i find it? how can i view it? how can i download my xbox clip? these are all valid questions. the easiest way would be to head over to and type in your gamertag, or any gamertag for that matter. most people have thier settings set to open so anyone can access and view thier recorded xbox clips.if you do not want yor clips to be open to the public then you should consider navigating to the seetings and turing your recordeings to private. one you have searched for your gamertag on your xbox clips will be displayed in chronological order. from here you can download all the xbox clips that you like. there are other ways of accessing your xbox clips directly on the xbox, such as downloading the xbox dvr app and viewing them from there but it has limited functionallity and you cannot share your xbox clips to social media. How to share xbox clips on social media? is not only the easiest way to download xbox clips but it is also the easiest way to share your videos on social media sites such as facebook, reddit, youtube, twitter and more. You can even text it to your firends. once you are on the main xbox clips page of click on the “get shareable link” button on the video that you want to share. once the next page loads you will find the xbox clip that you wanted to share from here you can once again download xbox clips or choose one of the many social media share buttons and easily upload your videos to popular social media sharing sites.